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Enhancing Light Outcoupling in Organic Light‐Emitting Devices by Integration of Scattering Electrodes

A three-step pocess is enhancing the outcoupling efficiency of OLEDs

Article’s abstract:
Limited outcoupling efficiencies are still a big problem in organic light‐emitting devices (OLEDs). In this contribution, a simple and general approach for enhancing the outcoupling efficiency of OLEDs is presented: by using a three‐step process, including electrospray deposition of a sacrificial material (step i), thin metal‐layer deposition (step ii), and elution of the sacrificial material (step iii), scattering metal structures are fabricated that can be used in cavity OLEDs. The integration into green‐emitting vacuum‐processed OLEDs yields in an increased luminous efficiency and external quantum efficiency (EQE) by 30% and 27%, respectively.

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