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Analytical HPLC/GPC

Method overview

Analytical HPLC is used to determine purities of provided samples. In combination with the installed fraction collector it is possible to isolate small amounts (< 0.1 mg) of impurities that can then be identified e.g. by high resolution mass spectrometry.

With the help of analytical GPC it is possible to estimate the molecular mass distribution of oligomers and polymers in the range of 100 – 3000000 Da. In general all molecular mass distributions are referenced versus polystyrene standards.


Shimadzu Prominence modular HPLC

  • Controller CBM-20A
  • Degasser DGU-20A3
  • Solvent Delivery System LC-20AD (2x)
  • Autosampler SIL-20A HT (100 ml sample loop)
  • Column Oven CTO-20AC
  • Diode Array Detector SPD-M20A
  • Fluorescence Detector RF-20A XS
  • Recycling Mode Valve FCV-20AH2 (2x)
  • Fraction Collector FRC-10A