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Dektak XT


Measurement TechniqueStylus profilometry (contact measurement)
Sample Viewing Digital magnification, 0.275 to 2.2 mm vertical FOV
Stylus Sensor Low Inertia Sensor (LIS 3)
Stylus Force1 to 15 mg with LIS 3 sensor
Stylus OptionsStylus radius options from 50 nm to 25 µm;
High Aspect Ratio (HAR) tips 200 µm x 20 µm;
Custom tips available upon request
Sample X/Y StageManual 100 mm (4 in.) X/Y, manual leveling;
Motorized 150 mm (6 in.) X/Y, manual leveling
Sample R-Theta StageManual, continuous 360 degrees;
Motorized, continuous 360 degrees
Scan Length Range55 mm (2 in.); 200 mm (8 in.) with scan stitching capability
Data Points Per Scan120,000 maximum
Max. Sample Thickness50 mm (1.95 in.)
Max. Wafer Size200 mm (8 in.)
Step Height Repeatability 4Å, 1 sigma on steps ≤1 µm (30 scans using a 12.5 µm stylus)
Vertical Range1 mm (0.039 in.)
Vertical Resolution1Å (@ 6.55 µm range)


Dektak 150



Measurement TechniqueContact stylus profilometry
Measurement CapabilityTwo-dimensional surface profile measurement
Sample Viewing640 x 480-pixel (1/3in.-format) camera, USB
Stylus SensorLow-Inertia Sensor (LIS 3)
Stylus Force1 to 15mg with LIS 3 sensor
Stylus OptionsStylus radius options from 50nm to 25µm;
High Aspect Ratio (HAR) tips 10µm x 2µm and 200µm x 20µm
Sample StageManual X/Y/Ɵ, 100 x 100mm X-Y translation, 360° rotation, manual leveling
Scan Length Range55mm standard; up to 200mm with stitching option
Data Points Per Scan 120,000 maximum
Max. Sample ThicknessUp to 90mm, depending on configuration
Max. Wafer Size150mm (200mm with Advanced Automation Package)
Step Height Repeatability≤6Å (D150); ≤4Å (D150+ option); 1 sigma on 0.1µm step
Vertical Range524um
Vertical Resolution1Å max. (at 6.55µm range)